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Our Solutions

Creative Technologies aims to develop tech projects in the most diverse industries. Meet our earliest projects.

Onsu Project

Empowering businesses an people to be more sustainable

ONSU is the only eco-system that brings together all stakeholders willing to shape a more sustainable future. We are committed to create a large-scale green system with an effective circular approach at every stage of the global market.

We focus on the reasons why sustainability is not yet well integrated into everyone’s life, providing highly tailored concrete solutions for each stakeholder.

Your Solutions

We help you and guide you through the development of your ideas by providing you with the most accurate team and tools.

We thrive for quality and innovation.

We are a start-up that understands the struggle of making the first step, finding the right team and taking the right decision. We prepared an entrepreneurial journey and developed a digital space to help you speed up your idea development. Together we go step by step in your product/service realization by selecting the most suitable path for your business.

We can’t promise you that it’s going to be easy, but we can promise you that together we can do it.

The realm in which we work

The world has almost fully digitized its skillset and more and more people are entering the digital job market, digital skills and competencies are increasingly required.


Still, it is very hard to find the right match for your company. We connect the right people at the right time. Our specialists are selected through a careful skillset analysis. You will be able to visualize the project advancement throughout your entire journey with us, we will walk with you step by step from the understanding of your objective till the finalization of your project.

What you can get from us:


  • Project planning
  • Budget & timeline control
  • Software development
  • Marketing
  • Consultancy and assistance
  • Report and review
  • Partnership and networking ecosystem

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