About us

CTEQ - Creative Technologies was born in the heart of Milan in the spring of 2021

Sparked by continuous creative ideas, CTEQ develops internal projects and provides services to third parties. Internal projects are the result of the entrepreneurial spirit of the CTEQ team that applies their digital services to solve problems and offer new solutions spanning multiple areas.  External services are based on the high professionality and experience of our team and partnerships.

Who we are

We are three young entrepreneurs that gathered together to re-invent our future and inspire yours.

Salvatore S. Iacobelli

Co- founder & CEO

Chiara Munaretto


Mario De Libero

Co- founder & CMO

Coming from the most varied environments, we lived around the world to find our own passion and beliefs. We learnt how to embrace cultural diversity and to understand worldwide businesses. By having different backgrounds, we are a complementary team that makes CTEQ one of the most future-driving start-ups of the european scene.

Why do we do what we do

In a present driven by innovation and scalability, we seek to lead a brighter future made of brave minds, by contributing in realizing a competitive and challenging ecosystem. We believe in collaboration and win-win solutions, to grow and shape the world’s future, together.

Based in Milan, connected worldwide.

Are you in?