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No matter how far you can dream, we are here to make it happen. CTEQ was founded to develop, produce, market and manage digital solutions with high technological value.

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We are pioneers of digital innovation. We develop produce, market and manage digital solutions with high technological Value.

We seek the pulsing bulb among many and many tech saviours. CTEQ operates in the advanced technology sector, by being the intermediary between AI, VR, AR, Blockchain and IOT (and more!) technicians and innovative-leading enterprises. 

Our values

Creative Technologies is committed to offering highly customized services, focusing on 3 main factors:
Expertise, cost-effectiveness, and innovation.

Our mindset

We continuously seek problems and inefficiencies to propose new valuable and scalable solutions to consumers and companies.  CTEQ likes to be imagined as a creative and revolutionary space, where ideas are sorted out and developed successfully thanks to the power of an entire network of experts, not just one specialized team. 

Our Offer

We offer blockchain services,
data security, AI predictions, processes automation, and more. 


Our real competitive advantage is built daily, together with our partners. We seek to lead a brighter future made of brave minds, fostering collaborations and win-win solutions, to grow and shape the world’s future, together. We are happy to welcome you to the CTEQ ecosystem.

Embracing technologies, powering ideas

Sparked by continuous creative ideas, CTEQ develops internal projects and provides services to third parties. Internal projects are the result of the entrepreneurial spirit of the CTEQ team that applies their digital services to solve problems and offer new solutions spanning multiple areas. External services are based on the high professionality and experience of our team and partnerships. We carefully select ideas and projects to work with.

We make your satisfaction our priority, ad -hoc solutions based on your needs.

Understanding what slows down your business and what is the fastest and most efficient solution, is what makes a company successful and long-lasting. We prepared an entrepreneurial journey and developed a digital space to help you speed up this process. We are cost-opportunity oriented, we make your satisfaction our priority.

Our Team

We are three young entrepreneurs that gathered together to re-invent our future and inspire yours.

Salvatore S. Iacobelli

Co- founder & CEO

Chiara Munaretto


Mario De Libero

Co- founder & CMO

We do business by helping people doing business.

Why should I trust you?

We focus on quality and results, meaning that we carefully select projects and clients to work with, according to our core values and business opportunities. We have specific onboarding sessions to find the best way we can work together and it’s in our interest to always keep you updated with the work. Our strengths are :

  • adaptability
  • cost-opportunity oriented
  • quality and innovation
What does it mean to work with you?

To work with us? It could feel like entering a whole new technological ecosystem that detaches from the usual company-client approach. Once you entered CTEQ, you are part of it, coming with network benefits and continuous business opportunity. 

Together we go step by step in your product/service realization by selecting the most suitable path for your business. We stand out for our ability to combine winning features of selected technologies into one highly effective and efficient solution. It advances the goal of automating, optimizing and innovating traditional processes. 

Thanks to our structure, we also work on start-ups / scale-ups / one-off projects – do you feel you could be the next future-driven entrepreneur? We are happy to hear how we can help you.

How is a result guaranteed?

We are a team of experienced people in different fields that has done before ,

Together we go step by step in your product/service realization by selecting the most suitable path for your business.

We can’t promise you that it’s going to be easy, but we can promise you that together we can do it.

How can I collaborate with you?

We strongly rely on partnerships and win-win collaborations. We seek to find the added value in every stakeholder that surrounds us so as to provide the most tailored service to our clients. We are always keen to develop side projects and establish marketing or business relationships. 

Do you feel you can be a valuable partner for us? Contact us at and briefly present us with your project. 

More questions?

Contact us at, text us at 351 8974023 or schedule a call here below!


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